Please read over the changes carefully:

In January of 2016, Healthy Lifestyles launched a new portal to support your healthier lifestyle which includes access to your scorecard, Personal Health Assessment, Event Registration and more.

Important note: All participants, even if you have participated in previous years, MUST register a new account on the Healthy Lifestyles portal!

First time visiting the Healthy Lifestyles Portal since January 2016?

Please read over the instructions before accessing the Healthy Lifestyles Portal.

You must use the new username format when registering.

  • City Employee: COC + Team Member ID + 1
    If John Smith's ID is 41234, his username would be: COC412341
  • City spouse/equal partner: COC + Team Member ID + 2
    If Debbie Smith is the spouse of John Smith, her username would be: COC412342

Click here for instructions on how to register.

Click here to login to the Healthy Lifestyles Portal.

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